Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pre-Christmas Celebrating

That was fun! The holiday break isn't over yet, but I'm going to take this moment to reflect on our Christmas celebration. It has been too long since I updated this blog and I confess I don't always have the inspiration to blog. After reading a friend's blog, I became inspired... or is it that I really don't want to pack up the Christmas stuff?

This year, we were treated to have my cousin, Kathy, and her family come from Portland. They stayed for a couple of days before Christmas and we celebrated some December birthdays. It wasn't a traditional birthday party but it was a great way to celebrate. The adults went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Lana Thai, and the kids stayed home to eat pizza and play video games. After dinner, we reconvened at my house for birthday cake and coffee. It was so enjoyable for so much of our big family to get together a few times over the Christmas break.

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Alyssa said...

Lana Thai huh? Where is that place..? I could go for some good Thai soon :)