Friday, May 22, 2009

Fast Forward to Today

I started posting a blog update two days ago, but in typical Beth fashion, I got distracted, mid-post and walked away from the computer before finishing. Now I am two more days behind.

What I was going to post was a quick update about our first boating adventure. We spent a day cleaning and fixing things on the boat, including installing a new outdrive (yea! expensive, but yea!) so by the time we got everything done, it was too late to launch because the tide was really low. This is a downside to being moored so in-land. We did manage to get up early the next day and get the boat launched very easily. We spent the day filling the 70 gallon fuel tank and putzing around Everett area- Hat Island, Whidbey Island, Camano Island, you get the idea. We wanted to stop in Coupeville, but you have to be paying attention to be able to get one of 8 dock slots. Oh, well, next time. We were pretty much out of time for the day any way so we just headed home.

There was a lot of wildlife activity. We were being tracked by a school (?) of fin whales. I had no idea these creatures even existed, let alone expected to see them so close to our boat. We also saw several seals and lots of eagles, of all things!

Since our boating adventure, I have spent a little time in my "garden". I planted some seeds, apparently really early, a few weeks ago. I didn't think they were going to grow, then I started thinking the birds were eating them all since I kept seeing lots of birds sitting on the planter. After a few weeks of waiting, I settled on getting some plants to put in the planter box. About two or three days after the plants were in, the little seeds started sprouting. They are going crazy now. I know I am supposed to weed them out a bit but I am having great angst over "killing" some of the plants. I have no idea why this is bothering me so much but I just keep watching the little plants, hoping they all will be able to thrive in my little box.

I think the biggest news right now is the engines were finally started on the new Boeing 787, plane 1. This was a very exciting day, until the tragedy of engine problems erupted. I don't know where things stand now and I'm sure everyone is having some very trying moments. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick solution so the engines can be re-started and this plane can get back on the road to completion. It's such a beautiful plane!

That should pretty much do it with all the news around here. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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