Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grown Up

Here I am again, not keeping this blog very current. I guess there isn't much point in blogging too often, though. I originally created this blog to post photos and comments about my children. Suddenly, I have discovered I am not that up-to-date with them. Of course we are involved in each other's lives every day but really, they are getting more and more comfortable away from me. Their activities are with their friends and their church groups, without me.

This is good, of course. After all, I am not raising them to be my children for the rest of their lives. They are merely on loan to Pete and I until they are old enough to be on their own. Ultimately, they are God's children and we have to be prepared to be away from them, in this parental mode we are so comforable with right now.

I have been reassured with their blossoming independence. They are comfortable and happy to be with each other. Twice in the last two weeks I have found my children choosing to be with their siblings instead of being alone or being elsewhere. They are so cute, giggling and talking to each other; even chasing each other around the house, ending in a hug. You know there are no photos of this because as soon as the camera comes out, they see me and the moment ends.

This photo is of my siblings, and my parents. The bottom is from about 1983 or 1984. The top is 1998.
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rileyranch said...

I love the photos of your family!!! What a beautiful bunch!