Saturday, December 20, 2008

Making California Rolls With Nintendo DS

There is a really cool game for Nintendo DS. I don't remember what it's called but I think it's part of the "coach" series (my language coach, my life coach, my math coach, etc) If it is that series, it would be called My Cooking Coach.

This game is full of all types of recipes. It's not really a game but a digital cook book. It lists the recipe and then tells you, step by step, how to complete the meal. Not only are there pictures but there are great videos. You can choose the level of detail you need to fully understand the steps. It even helps you prepare a shopping list for any needed items. Oh, and if you don't understand what an item is, there is a place to find out more information.

While Sarah was in the middle of making California Rolls, she needed a step repeated so she would just say out loud, "repeat last step," and it would do the step over again. That way, she didn't have to touch her DS with her sticky fingers. Her DS wasn't as responding always but she can turn up the sensitivity in the DS settings so it understands her more easily.

Wow! This was a great purchase. Way to go, Sarah.

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Nancy said...

We saw that advertised on TV and thought it was a cool idea. They look great!!! Good job Sarah!!!