Thursday, September 13, 2007

Columbia River South Jetty Family Photo

At the very end of Fort Stevens is a Jetty that protects the mouth of the Columbia River from daily shifting. Without this protection, the bar would be almost unnavigable; certainly would slow down travel and limit the kinds of ships that sail through the bar regularly. It is a very dangerous area and the Columbia River Bar is the most dangerous bar in the world. We couldn't drive out to the jetty as they are doing some major repairs but there is this old, shakey tower we were able to climb and get a better panoramic view of the area.

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Tonia said...

Oh the beautiful Oregon coast. I'm sure the Maine coast is beautiful as well, but I can't confirm that as we haven't gotten there yet. :( I can't wait to go to Oregon next June, not only for Will's graduation, but to visit my home town.