Friday, July 20, 2007

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

So my great idea of doing nothing this Summer didn't sit too well with the kids this week. We weren't able to stay home the whole week. Sarah and I slipped out to visit with our friends, Lexi and Elaine, while Connor and Colin spent some time with their cousin, Race. The kids were scheduled to play in a tennis tournament but it rained that day. Actually, it has rained quite a bit this week, and it is raining again, now.

Somehow, the kids have managed to entertain themselves, without the aid of technology. They pulled out the legos! Even Sarah got in on the fun. There was only one episode of heated discussion when Sarah used a lego Colin was using. Well, they mostly worked that out after a short pause in the building. They are continuing the building today, while their father is hurridly creating a home theater around them.


My Fat Cat said...

That wasn't a short pause! That was 30min of verbal torture!

Sarah said...

I very much agree with Connor, A.k.A. my fat cat!