Sunday, May 15, 2011

Appreciating My Kindle


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I have discovered a couple of great programs to make my Kindle even more useful than just a book reader.  Getting digital books is super easy but Kindles can be used to read more.  The two programs I am using, I found at Kim Komando’s website.


I am sharing the link to Calibre through Kim Komando’s post so she gets the proper credit for sharing about this great program.

The reason this program interested me is because it gives me the ability to send newspapers and blog posts directly to my kindle.  I haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of this program but mostly it is simple to use.


The other program I started using isn’t really a program.  It’s called a browserlet.  I guess that is a new creation of the internet.  This simple application, Kindlebility, sends whatever website I want, as text, directly to my kindle.  This has been handy because I don’t get to sit at my computer as much as I spend time waiting in my car, and other places.  Needless to say, I keep my kindle in my purse most of the time.  Lucky for me, I found a great new, big purse!

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