Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anti-Procrastination Tuesday Pay It Forward Gift



Before the day gets away from me, I must share my beautiful Pay It Forward gift I received from my friend, Sherry. I am linking this post with Anti-Procrastination Tuesday. This is one of my favorite link parties because blogging has really helped me get on track and stay focused on the task at hand. Amy’s blog is very inspiring and encouraging.

Saying a big THANK YOU is the top of my TO-DO list.  I’ve already delayed in this long enough.

blog photos pay it forward gift 003

A few weeks ago, Sherry at Blessings From Our Nest, had a post for Pay It Forward 2011.  The idea is to do something for someone else.  She would give something handmade to the first five people that commented on her post.  I was one of the five.

This is a pin cushion bird and you can read about this project at Sherry’s blog.  Just click the bird picture above for the link.

blog photos pay it forward gift 004

She specifically stated while this is a pin cushion, “I did not have to use it this way.”  I must admit, I am not that eager to pin it all up, but I may.  We’ll see…  I love the fabric she chose.  I love my Pay It Forward gift.  Thank you so much, Sherry.


Part of the plan with Pay It Forward was to also blog about this link party.  You can read my original post HERE.  I didn’t get any commenters but when someone comments, I will Pay It Forward.

Now onto the rest of my TO-DO list, which includes printing the waiver form for my son to get his driver’s permit.  I have been putting this off for several weeks now.  Wonder why?  Can’t wait any longer- Driver’s Ed starts tonight.  Oh, and gotta get those gifts wrapped for daughter who turns 17 this week.  Aaahhhh, my life is passing before my eyes.

Have a great week, getting all your To-Do’s done.



Sherry said...

I am happy that you like your bird. I think this was my favorite. I had 5 commenters but not everyone sent me their address. I will try one more time. Have a great weekend, it is almost here.

Sherry said...
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