Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love It or Lose It Challenge


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I thought I saw this challenge a few days ago.  I had a little trouble re-finding the specific post a couple of days later but the concept stuck with me.  I went through my closet and found a few items.  As you can see, the post is right where it should be.  Click the picture to get there.

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I have worked at keeping my closet under control.  I am not the best dresser and I struggle with what goes with what.  I love color so I am at great risk for wearing too many pieces, with too much color, all at one time.

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The simplest way I found to combat this issue is to have a small collection of clothes.  Aside from a half dozen folded sweaters, some long and short sleeve knit shirts (mostly for work) and my underwear, these pictures are all the clothes I own.  It’s possible there would be more if some of my clothes were not in my daughter’s closet.


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While I’m excited to move unwanted clothes out, the challenge is to give a few pieces a second chance and decide if I “love it,” or will I “lose it.”  This is my first item.  My daughter has wanted me to get rid of this almost since I brought it home.  I got it because it is long and I need long skirts in the winter.  I love the plaid print.  Daughter says the print, and the length, make me look old.  Definitely something I am going to avoid as much as possible.  My goal is not to dress like my daughter.  I need an appropriate style.  Let’s see if this skirt is worthy of residing in my closet.  Now if only I could find a good pair of boots to go with it.



I actually like the skirt. You have to wear it with the right top and, like you suggested, boots. I love plaid skirts, especially a line and cut on the bias.

Love the idea!!! My problem is I hang on to things that don't fit anymore, or clothes with sentimental value. So half my closet is stuff like that.


Beth said...

Thanks Randi. I have a couple of shirts in mind so I will get your opinion when I see you. Michelle suggested I hem it if I decide the length is not working.

Marianne said...

I like the skirt too. I would love to have a skirt like that, but I always feel like I am too short with my 5 foot 2. I just hemmed a dress I bought a few years ago, but I am not happy with it still. I did it all by myself and that is hard to do and it didn't get right so now it feels like it is too short. Oh well, if I am lucky I will shrink out of it anyways this year and then I can happily get rid of it because I do not plan on growing again.

Jen said...

I like to skirt too :) but agree with Randi. The right top and you can never go wrong with boots!!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

How fun! Thanks for joining the challenge!

Nancy said...

So, I really like how organized the wooden hangers look... I remember when you were shopping for them. I think you are motivating me to think about doing the same! Awesome post. I cleaned out my closet last week, but didn't even think to take pictures or blog... but your closet looks so much nicer than mine anyway! Thanks for sharing!