Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love It or Lose It Challenge Week 2


love it or lose it

Last week I introduced a skirt I was conflicted about keeping.

Gaming at Joes and blog photos 042

I decided to wear it to a baby shower to make my decision.  It ended up matching with a sweater I just purchased so I have to keep it, at least for a couple more seasons.  Now to find the right boots.

blog photos and second snow 046

blog photos and second snow 048

This week I have two sweaters that have stayed, unused, in my drawer for at least a year.  They were useful when the collared shirt/sweater look was fashionable.  I actually really hate the neck line but I keep them, for cold weather days.  We’ve had many cold weather days, and I still can’t bring myself to wear them.

blog photos and second snow 050

When I visited the blog, Made It On Monday, and saw her sweater turned cardigan post, I knew I had to refashion my sweaters.  Surprise, surprise, I actually got one done.  Well, mostly done.  I decided it needs buttons.


blog photos and second snow 081

I should have made the bias around the neck line more narrow but it is ok.  Without buttons, it hangs open and looks a little off.  I love the fabric I found to coordinate with the plainness of the sweater.  I chose a blue/gray plaid fabric for my gray sweater but I also started making a skirt with a piece of remnant fabric that cost about $3.  I have decided to coordinate the sweater with my new skirt.

blog photos and second snow 083

How is your closet organization going?  Maybe you are organizing another area of your home.  Leave a comment here and tell us about it.  If you blog about it, let us know your blog address.


Nancy said...

LOVE your modification to your sweater. Love the colors, they compliment the sweater so!

I am currently organizing and purging through our office which is really a multi-purpose room. I have about three bags of books filled and ready to go sell to Homeschool Potpourri, a bag or two for goodwill and and a bunch of stuff in recycling. Now to tackle my personal desk area with the idea of purging as much, if not more than organizing. I keep telling myself "Less is more!!!"

Thanks for your post!

Beth said...

Thanks, Nancy. It's hard to believe how we build up these stock-piles of unused items. Good luck on getting the office organized. Great project for these snowy/raining, wet days.

Jeanne said...

Hi Beth, You gave me a good chuckle. I m glad your 'normal'. I have to tell you this about the man in the beans...I had a good laugh about the man in the beans, when I first saw that pic on my email, the bottom part wasn't in view. I drove myself nuts trying to find that man. I was sure I was lacking major protein in my diet. HA! I finally saw the full photo and there he was. Weird but fun.

Your makeover sweaters is a great idea. I like the fabric you chose and now you will have a new skirt too. Good stuff. The thrift store will just have to wait for someone else's sweaters.
Hugs, Jeanne